Monika Peter Leicht Dolls
Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl Artist Dolls

Monika Peter eicht Dolls · Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl Artist Dolls

Welcome to the world of German doll artist Monika Peter Leicht. Monika Peter Leicht started relatively late in life with dolls, when a friend talked her into going to a stuffed-doll making class. As a teacher and mother of three children, she always had a special affection for babies and children. Their face expressions have always fascinated her. In 1998, she visited her first class for doll reproductions and since then she has engaged herself in the handcrafting of dolls. The wish of making her own creations grew stronger and after taking part in a model seminar. The knowledge that she acquired during her studies of biology and fine arts contributed to the result. It is always a challenge for Monika Peter Leicht to have the dolls as realistic and detailed as possible, because each doll has to be natural and lifelike. She gets inspiration for her work through daily connections with children. In addition, she is inspired by illustrations in periodicals and photos, or simply by her imagination. Life without dolls is impossible for her, because she enjoys again and again everyday to document her dreams through her creations. These creations are more than just dolls, they have little personalities, human moods and feelings - they can conquer the hearts of collectors. Through creating dolls, she has succeeded in harmonizing her love for children and her need for artistic creativity. Her hobby has turned into a passion. She knows that she has found her calling.
Monika Peter Leicht Dolls · Collectible Vinyl Artist Dolls
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